New Valentine’s gifts for the adventurous

Who needs chocolates or flowers? Valentine’s Day can get a little stale if you let it. So why not mix things up with one of these new Valentine’s gifts?


Conversation heart donuts

After the news broke that conversation heart candies were going to become scarce this Valentine’s Day, we immediately started looking for replacements. We didn’t have to search long, thanks to Krispy Kreme unveiling this bad boys. #BFF (Photo courtesy: Krispy Kreme)

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Slippers that look like your pet

Proving that there’s a market for literally anything, here’s the product you never knew you’d need: pet slippers that look like your pet. I mean, sure, there’s some crossover between pets and slippers when it comes to cuddles and snuggles and warmth and all that. But it’s also an interesting meshing, to say the least. (Photo courtesy:

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A pickle bouquet

You’ve done flowers. Maybe you’ve done a cookie bouquet or a fruit bouquet, or chocolate strawberries. But we’re guessing you’ve never gone with a pickle bouquet. Get this for the pickle lover in your life. (Photo courtesy: Grillo’s)

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new Valentine's gifts

Heart-shaped pizza

A pricey dinner is no guarantee of a good evening, let alone a good meal. This heart-shaped pizza from Hungry Howie’s is fun, and better yet, it won’t break the bank. (Photo courtesy Hungry Howie’s)

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A double-header sweater

Okay, this may not be super practical unless you can figure out a way to spend your whole day with your Valentine, but at the same time a double-header sweater is a hilarious and original idea. (Photo courtesy Zulily)

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The 'Broquet'

A pint glass filled with beef jerky would probably suffice for most folks, but why not go the extra mile and fashion the dried meat into the shape of flowers? Now you’ve got a winner with the “Broquet.” (Photo courtesy Manly Man)

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Name a cockroach after your ex

A zoo in England is giving folks naming rights to their cockroach collection for a minor donation … making this the perfect level of petty to “celebrate” your ex. (Photo courtesy Hensley Conversation Centre)

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We love these new Valentine’s gifts, but do you eant something a little more traditional? Check out how to dip your own chocolate-covered strawberries.