National Margarita Day Is the Best Day of the Year!

Feb. 22 is the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Why? Because it’s National Margarita Day – and you won’t want to build a wall around this occasion.

In a survey from, it showed that Americans LOVE the tequila-based concoction.

Their findings – 67 percent of Americans prefer frozen margaritas than on the rocks (our preferred way to drink them).

To conduct the Margarita Day Survey, the researchers at National Today – America’s favorite online destination to commemorate quirky and fun holidays—asked 1,000 Americans their opinions around everyone’s favorite tequila beverage.

More stats from the survey:

ONLY 8 percent OF AMERICANS HATE MARGARITAS: 32 percent love them, while another 44 percent say that they like them. The 17 percent says that they actually dislike them must be thinking of a different drink!

2X AS MANY AMERICANS PREFER FROZEN MARGARITAS: Only 33 percent say they prefer margaritas on the rocks, while 67 percent opt for the frozen slushy. That’s ice cold!

65 percent OF AMERICANS LIKE TO GET SALTY: 35 percent say they like their margarita san-salted rim, but more than 6 in 10 disagree. However, only 26 percent of Americans always lick the salt off the rim of their margarita, while 74 percent never do.

1 IN 3 SAY MARGS ARE THEIR FAVORITE HAPPY HOUR DRINK: That’s despite 15 percent of Americans saying margaritas are “always deceptively strong.” Let’s hope they’re not going to happy hours with their coworkers!

We visited Cantina 76 on Main Street and asked them to mix up some of their favorite margaritas!

Try the no-frills “skinny” margarita

or the strawberry basil margarita might tickle your fancy!

Finally, our favorite, the Texas style margarita.

And don’t fret – there are TONS of places in the Midlands where you can get your margarita-celebrating happening:

COA Agaveria Y Cocina

Moctezumas Taqueria 

TinLizzy’s Cantina

White Duck Taco Shop

Cantina 76