Missouri’s most haunted road

You may hear screams on this historic road.

Is this America’s most haunted road?

Listen closely!

You might hear screams the next time you are driving on Bloomfield Road in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on a dark and stormy night.

No, really. People hear screams as they traverse this spooky stretch of road.

The record shows “Mad Lucy” lived with her family along the very old highway, and her story is a fascinating one.

Dr. Frank Nickell, a local Missouri historian, says that’s just one of the stories.

What about the headless horseman of Missouri?

Bloomfield Road has always been considered if not the most haunted road in Missouri, then certainly in the conversation. And with it being in that conversation, it’s absolutely in the running for most haunted in the country (seriously, remember what we told you about the screams?). Find out more about the several stories relating to this road, what makes it so spooky an experience, and more in the video above!

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