How to make an award-winning Bloody ‘Mason’

It's award winning and now you can make it from home.

What better way to kick of a tailgate or a brunch than with a Bloody Mary? Our friends at Mason’s Grill show us how they make their award-winning Bloody Mason.

Here’s what you need. Some Worcestershire sauce, some Tabasco sauce, Cayenne pepper, horseradish, celery salt, lemon, lime, and garnish.

To get started, grab your shaker and put some ice in it. Then you’re going to add a cup of whatever tomato juice you want. Then a shot of vodka. This drink uses Absolut Cilantro Lime. Everything else is just about how spicy you want. So you add in your seasonings.

For the Mason, just a bit of the cayenne, all of the horseradish, two pinches of celery salt. Then pour in a little Worcestershire sauce. They add in some of their special pepper sauce, but we can’t tell you what’s in it. Do a couple dashes of Tabasco. 

Once you have everything in your shaker you’re just going to take another one of the shakers and pour them back and forth to mix it up. Then squeeze in some lemon juice and lime juice. Shake it up one more time between the two shakers.

Then, one of the great things about Mason’s is that you’re going to take a mason jar, dip it in a bit of Special Sauce and a little bit of salt, then pour your mix into the Mason jar. Add your garnish and there you have it an award-winning Mason.

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