We’re out to Lunch at the No Name Deli: This is Lunch Meet

In this episode, we travel to No Name Deli, one of the most popular lunch destinations in downtown Columbia.

Welcome to Lunch Meet (and welcome to the No Name Deli)!

We’ve decided that we were fed up with our traditional, boring lunches that come frozen in a box or packaged in see-through sandwich baggies. So now we’re going outside the box, visiting the well-known hot spots and legendary hidden holes-in-the-wall to find the best lunches in the Midlands.
Our mission: to show you what truly makes each local eatery special, and worth stepping out of the office to sample for yourself.
After a short trip through the cafeteria-style lunch line, we quickly learn why the crowds flock to the corner of Marion Street and Elmwood Street. Surrounded by a giant cartoon mural of downtown Columbia S.C., we sink our teeth into delicious signature sandwiches, tangy pasta salad, and sensationally sweet desserts.
And to answer the question on everyone’s mind, we turn to long-time employee and cancer survivor, Betty, to find out why this Columbia favorite is named “No Name.”

To give No Name Deli a try for yourself, pay them a visit at 2042 Marion Street in downtown Columbia.

They are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.  Be sure to bring cash, as they are a cash-only establishment.  For more information on their daily specials or menu, give them a call at 803-252-0480, or visit their website at www.nonamedelisc.com.