A new Louisiana ‘Cajun Christmas’ display with ‘reingators’ turns heads

Only in Louisiana would you see a Christmas display like this!

Everything is just different down in Louisiana, even the Christmas decorations.¬†Morgan City resident and sculpture artist Lee Romaire decided to surprise his hometown with a special “Cajun Christmas” display for its annual Christmas lighting ceremony.

Source: Robbie Keller LeBlanc via Facebook

Romaire created the “top-secret” display that will greet people driving through Morgan City to give back to his hometown,¬†KATC reports.

“I just decided I wanted to something great for the town,” Romaire said.”Why not make it a Cajun Christmas.”

Source: Robbie Keller LeBlanc via Facebook

This display is truly Cajun style, swapping out reindeer for “Reingators.”

It’s a one-of-a-kind Christmas display with Cajun Santa and his elves in a three-gator sleigh. You’ll even find crabs sitting on top of one of the gators — a cool, Cajun replacement for antlers.

Over the course of a year, Romaire and his 15 elves have worked hard to transform the traditional Christmas display on a shrimping boat along Brashear Avenue.

Source: Robbie Keller LeBlanc via Facebook

“So instead of reindeer we’re using alligators and everything about the display is really themed towards Louisiana,” said Romaire who now lives in Hollywood and makes sculptures for theme parks.

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Photo courtesy: Dave McNamara

Dashing down to the bayou from Hollywood, California, the new display will now greet people driving through the town.

“When Lee came to me and had this great idea we took it with open arms, not realizing this was going to be an over $100,000 donation, one of the largest donations from an individual since I’ve been here,” Mayor Frank “Boo” Grizzaffi said.

Photo courtesy: Dave McNamara

Santa’s alligators are specially named too. “The largest alligator is named Doc after Doc Brownell who created the original Santa Claus. The second alligator is named Green after a local artist Mr. Greenwood who created the second Santa Claus and finally Rudolph because we couldn’t really change Rudolph’s name,” Romaire explained.

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Source: Robbie Keller LeBlanc

So go on down to Morgan City and ask “Cajun Santa” if you’ve been on the good list this year.