Loco Moco: A Hawaiian spin on eggs

The Solid Grindz team shows us how to make this Hawaiian specialty.

Solid Grindz is a local restaurant in Tucson, Ariz. featuring Hawaiian BBQ. They showed us how they make the Loco Moco, an island favorite.

Start with a base of rice. Here, they used three ice cream scoopers full around a plate. Then fry up a beef patty to your preferred doneness. Next, cook two eggs, sunnyside up is best, but cook to your liking. Then, smother the whole thing in gravy. Top with fried onions and chives and enjoy!

Here are some of their other specialties:

Spam Fried Rice

Teriyaki Chicken and Beef Ribs

Spam Musubi

For Info: https://www.solidgrindz.com/