Lions and tigers love to play with Christmas trees

Put your tree to good (and entertaining) use this year!

We’ve all seen the videos of house cats destroying families’ Christmas trees. And we can’t lie: they’re pretty funny to watch. A tiny cat can do a whole lot of damage. But do you know what’s even more fun to watch? Really, really big cats destroying Christmas trees. We’re talking lions, tigers and jaguars. Even better: you can be a part of the action (kind of).

The people up at Tiger World in Rockwell have been giving Christmas trees to their cats for years. People love to watch them play with the trees, and the cats LOVE to put on a show. Tiger World is taking donated trees through the entire month of January – and one donated tree is good for one admission into the park.

“It’s the best present you could give to anyone. To see these cats ecstatic, enjoying something that you brought them.” And ecstatic is definitely the right word to describe the reaction these cats give.

The cats love the smell, they love the taste – everything about it is fun for the cats. And honestly, what better way to recycle your dead tree after the holidays? We definitely can’t think of one.

And in case you’re wondering if watching really big cats destroying Christmas trees is that entertaining… this video will definitely change your mind.