Legend says the ‘Gray Man’ appears just before a massive storm hits, to warn those who see him

Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the Carolina coast.  Residents are preparing for the approaching storm.  On Pawleys Island, they’re getting ready, but they are also keeping an eye out for the “Gray Man”. 
The “Gray Man” appears just before a massive storms hits, to warn those who see him of the impending disaster. 
Those who heed the warning survive, as do their homes.
Legend has it that in the early 1800’s, a young man was going to visit his love to ask her hand in marriage.  Along the way, his horse stumbles and he is thrown from the saddle.  He lands in the marsh.  Quicksand grips him and slowly pulls him under. 
When she learns of her loves fate, the young woman is devastated.  She starts to walk the beach alone. 
One night while on her walk, she comes upon a man dressed in gray staring at the ocean.  When the figure turned to her, she recognized her love.  He told her this island is not safe and told her to leave.

Her family left the island the next morning for the mainland.  When they returned to the island, they came home to devastation. A hurricane had gone through the island, destroying everything it touched. However, one thing survived the storm … their family home.
The story doesn’t end there!  The “Gray Man” has appeared several times over the years and generally right before a major storm. 
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