The ‘Lady in Black’ haunts this old cotton gin

Prattville's Lady in Black is one of the area's most notorious legends, but do you know her history?

Prattville is one of Central Alabama’s most idyllic cities. It’s a petri dish of the South – good people, food, and sights. You can have a good time here nearly any time of the year, finding a different event to attend or business to patronize. But in the city’s downtown area, right next to its beautiful Creekwalk, lies the Prattville Mill. Inside, Prattville’s ‘Lady in Black’ allegedly lurks the corridors.

Today, we’re talking about this urban legend, and how it came to be.

To do so, we’ve got to roll the clocks back to the late 1800s. Children often worked in factories, many of which were unsafe for even adults. Accidents were commonplace, and deaths weren’t out of the ordinary. Willie Youngblood, a 10-year-old working in the mill, became a firsthand example of this. Youngblood fell to his death in one of the mills shafts, and in doing so, threw his mother into a depression.

His mother eventually came to throw herself from the dam just outside of the Pratt Mill – this is where Prattville’s Lady in Black legend begins.

If the sightings and legends are true, then Prattville’s Lady in Black is the ghost of Youngblood’s mother. She floats through the mill at night, and according to those who have seen her, she isn’t hostile. In fact, some accounts portray her as rather sad. Considering the circumstances, we wouldn’t doubt the validity of these claims.

Have you had a run-in with Prattville’s Lady in Black?

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