Keep your Balcony Plants Alive with these Tips

The direction your balcony faces matters most.

It takes a green thumb to keep plants alive, or so they say.

But according to Lester Poole with Lowe’s Home Improvement in Charlotte, you don’t need a thumb at all. It only takes a green pointer finger. He says checking plants’ soil regularly for moisture can determine if it needs to be watered. It’s just one of the many tips the master gardener had when we asked him about balcony gardening.  Lester says to not let a balcony stop you. Plenty of plants will thrive in pots.

For summer heat, Poole suggests picking plants that can survive the hot Southern weather. This includes tomatoes, peppers, squash and basil if you’re looking to add to your pantry. For those sticking to flowers, he suggests marigolds, zinnias and petunias.

A lot of those plants will take you through the fall because the patios can retain a lot of heat from throughout the day. But if you get a late start in starting a garden, Poole says vegetables like lettuce, peas, cilantro and parsley are good. When it comes to flowers, pansies and decorative cabbages will hold up well during the autumn months.