Hidden gems in the beer cities of the South

Craft beer is an artform, and Southerners are serious about their art.

Breweries are popping up from the Carolinas to Texas, and the many places in between. Places that have been the go-to favorite for years, and places that are just a little…different.

Here are just some hidden gems of the South’s beer cites.


The Queen City is a hotspot for adventurous beer lovers.

In fact, one of their breweries – NoDa Brewing Company – brews a beer that was named best IPA in the world in 2014. Talk about a title!

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s two words for you: glitter beer. The folks at Bold Missy Brewery basically sold out of it right after it was introduced.

Of course, this isn’t all that makes Charlotte a growing beer town. Check out our friends at Queen City Weekend to get to know all of Queen City’s hidden gems!


You can’t talk about beer and not talk about Cincinnati, another Queen City.

They take beer very seriously in Cincy. It took MadTree Brewing over two years to plan and develop this IPA called Entropic Theory.

And then there’s Bockfest. An annual festival where people dress up like friars, celebrate goats and drink probably way too much.

There are so many different breweries, our friends at Cincy Weekend put together this incredibly helpful list of all of the breweries in town.


There isn’t much that Knoxville doesn’t do. From craft beer to moonshine, you can find it all.

And yes, we mean all. Like a grown-up beer float. And a place that makes the glasses its beer gets sold in.

But, the craft beer scene is so big, there’s an entire week in June dedicated to it. If you want to go but haven’t been before, check out this guide the folks at Knoxville Weekend put together.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the love within a community.

And Tyler’s first craft brewery focuses on just that.

This, of course, isn’t an exhaustive list of all everything the South’s beer cities have to offer. And we’ll continue to add to it. But, what’s the best-hidden gem in your town? Give us a shout on Facebook or Instagram to let us know!