Here’s What Makes the Burger at the Neon Pig ‘Best in America’

When your burger is named the “Best in America,” it’s okay to hang your hat on that a bit.  But the Neon Pig in Tupelo, Miss. doesn’t really do that, instead choosing to continue focusing on all of the things that make their establishment a treasure.  From the aforementioned burger to the world-class butcher to the market offerings, this old-style Southern market has a little bit of everything.

The Neon Pig is an old-school butcher shop that specializes in full animal butchering, while also being a full-functioning restaurant and market. The store’s owner wants to give customers the feeling of being in one of those old-fashioned delicatessens or butcher shops from the old days, while also supplying great eats.

The restaurant is known for its Smash Burger. The Smash Burger features a grind of all sorts of beef, including aged filet, sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, shoulder, rough grind, chili grind, and Benton’s shoulder. It is truly unlike most burgers you could ever eat. Packed with onions, pickles, barbeque sauce, and more, it is an explosion of flavors, ranging from tangy to sweet to smoky. In other words, it’s downright delicious, and it definitely earned the title of “best burger in America.”

People from all over the world visit the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi to come and try the Smash Burger, only to be greeted by a flavor like no other. So, what’s stopping you from coming down and trying it yourself?