Here’s how to make one of Alabama’s most famous sandwiches

The Pizza Bar's Famous Ham And Cheese is not your average sandwich. People travel from all over the south to the little town of Carbon Hill, Alabama to try one of these. Want to try making one for yourself? Here's how they do it in Walker county.

It may be a little confusing when a place called The Pizza Bar is best known for their hot ham and cheese, but step inside this Walker county landmark and sample one for yourself. Then you’ll understand why people travel from all over The South just for this Carbon Hill delicacy.

Want to know the secret of their famous sandwich? Catie Merchant shows you how they do it so maybe you can try making one yourself.

Here’s how to make one of Alabama’s most famous sandwiches.

First up is the bread. They get the bread from Gambino’s Bakery in New Orleans. It gets sliced completely in half in the middle. Then they take handfuls of shredded ham and start piling it on. Usually, a whole sandwich gets about 8 ounces.

Then they add the cheese. And it takes four slices.

Next comes the secret butter. That gets added to the top half. And no, we can’t tell you what’s in it. (We don’t even know).

Then it goes into the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. You want the top to get golden brown.

It’s topped with mayo and the top of the bread.

Then it’s cut in half and gets another coat of secret butter.

It’s no wonder that it was rated one of the 50 must-have foods of Alabama. And trust us, it’s worth the drive.

Check out their official website here.