The Key to any Good Bagel Sandwich Is the Bagel

Perfect for breakfast - or that particularly debilitating hangover.

How do you get the perfect bagel sandwich? The folks at Boone Bagelry in Charlotte are quick to tell you they’re serving up *true* New York bagels out of their Boone brick and mortar, and those bagels make all the difference.

The secret? The bagels are boiled in Brooklyn with specific water then shipped to the High Country to be baked and sold.

The spot’s most popular sandwich is by far the Bagelicious – a bagel sandwich with cheese, eggs and meat. Just for fun, we asked them to make it for us overstuffed (which just basically means double/more of everything).

They say it’s a pretty versatile sandwich, too. Good for breakfast, lunch or even that pretty bad hangover. Learn how to make it yourself!