Glowing red eyes in the woods, floating black orbs, and voices from the beyond!

Paranormal investigations in the Birmingham area have uncovered several strange occurrences. Glowing red eyes in the woods, floating black orbs, and voices from the beyond are all things the investigators at Spectral Wolfpack have uncovered.

Paranormal Investigations happen all around the Birmingham area. Alex Bobulinski from Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal is certainly no stranger to the paranormal, the mysterious and the unexplained.

Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations

Elevators to another world, demonic possession, and haunted dolls are just a few of the strange occurrences that Alex Bobulinski and Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal have investigated over the years. Alex has had a keen interest in the paranormal throughout his entire life. After spending years researching the unexplained, reading books and watching television shows aimed at documenting the unexplained, Alex decided to form Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal. Alex was finished standing on the sidelines and was ready to form a team and begin researching and finding answers for himself. Researching the paranormal isn’t just Alex’s passion, it’s his life’s work, and it’s all documented on the Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal YouTube.

Glowing Red Eyes in the Woods

Paranormal Investigations

Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal have made several incredible discoveries during their investigations but a recent video captured late at night in the woods of Bessemer Alabama has several people talking. Alex decided to go “squatching”, which is a term he uses to describe investigations into the existence of Bigfoot. He began walking through the woods searching for “tree structures” which are oddly bent trees or trees that seem to have been leaned up against each other in formations that don’t appear to be made by nature.



Alex began hearing strange noises, and when he went further into the woods to investigate he began to feel an intense feeling. He immediately got goosebumps on his arms and says he definitely felt a presence. Upon returning home to begin editing the footage from that night’s investigation Alex found something incredible, something he hadn’t noticed while filming. Two large glowing eyes in the distance appear to look at him and then look away. Alex says the video was captured at the exact moment when he felt the presence. Could this be a Sasquatch lurking in the woods of Bessemer Alabama? Or is it something else, something metaphysical?

Paranormal Investigations


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