‘Ghost Manor’ draws crowds in New Orleans

The visuals at this haunted house are some of the most unique you'll see.

Do you know about Ghost Manor?

If you said no, let’s try again: Do you know about that haunted house with the holograms on Magazine Street in New Orleans?

If the answer is still no, here’s where we educate you.

Located at the corner of Magazine and Second Street, Ghost Manor utilizes sound, lighting, projection and animatronics to create a spectacular show that’s free to the public every October. This Halloween-inspired show is family-friendly, full of pop culture references, and creates some of the biggest smiles you’ll ever see.

What makes it work above and beyond most shows a person might see is that everything is timed to music. So you might see singing skeletons belting out “This is Halloween” at the same time ghouls are zooming through the windows and zombies are dancing in step to the music. The show began in 2012 with some tepid experimentation and has since evolved to become more and more complex. The creators of the show, who live in the house (so please just enjoy the show from the sidewalk, if you please), had this to say about their creation:

“We wanted to capture the beauty and whimsy of Halloween and create a magical and mysterious world as opposed to a scary or gory one. We were inspired by the rich Halloween color palettes, by movies and other visuals, and by some popular songs and scenes which are either lightly parodied or completely transformed.”

Check it out!

We have to say those influences and goals are well represented. Watch the show above and then go check it out on Magazine to see if you agree.

The show begins every October and runs through Halloween. It starts at sunset every night, running to 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

You can find out even more about the Ghost Manor at the official website.