Gentlemen, start your mowers!

It may be hard to find a group of guys more excited about lawn mowers than this bunch. But their interest is not a well-manicured lawn. What they care about is horsepower and gear ratios. And beating the other lawn mowers to the finish line of course.

They take off the mower blades, add a new throttle, change the gear ratio, and sometimes put in bigger engines, and head to a grass track in Lake Charles for a wild spin with the Cajun Mower Racing Association. The track is at an RV park, and they have a weekend of races.

They don’t race for money, but rather for bragging rights. Ronnie Henry is the defending champion of the Cajun Mower Racing Association.

“It’s kind of like being out of control while holding control the whole time,” Ronnie says.

The mowers race around the track at speeds of 30 to 50 miles an hour. And with little to no suspension or handling. For many of the racers, it’s a way for them to follow their dreams of racing on a budget.

In terms of the competition, it’s very similar to a NASCAR race: it comes down to driver skill, thinking ahead, and being in the right place.

Lawnmower races are a big deal: there’s at least one of these lawn mower race tracks in every state in the country! Riders can qualify for national events through local races. For these lawn mower racers, it’s all about getting that checkered flag.