Flood Leads Near Record-Setting Catfish into Family’s Yard

Catch of the day!

Flooded farmland in Murphysboro, Illinois turned into a perfect place to make a huge catch on Friday.

image1 (1)Louis Glidewell and his son Charles were fishing from on an old railroad bed when they reeled in a 77.55 pound flathead catfish.

They blame the flooded Big Muddy River for bringing in such a large fish.

A state biologist measured it at 52 inches long and 37.5 inches in girth.

Louis’ wife Ashley said the fish is bigger than her 7-year-old son.

Unfortunately, the catch did not break any records.

The state record for a flathead catfish is set at 81.6 pounds.

Record-setting or not, it’s safe to say the boys were pretty excited about their catch since they’re used to reeling in fish that are only 20 to 30 pounds.

The family released the fish back into the water on Saturday, in hopes of letting it grow even bigger.