Float rooms: The newest trend in self care

We tried floating for the first time at this new unique spa

Blissfull Relaxation opened in Louisville, Ken. in June. The unique spa features ocean float rooms that are designed for meditation and relaxation.

Each 7′ by 8′ float room is filled with 270 gallons of water and 1,700 pounds of salt.

Float sessions last 90 minutes.

The water temperature is 95 degrees, and the surrounding air is 92 degrees, which creates a sense of weightlessness during the float.

All the lights can be turned off for complete sensory deprivation. However, if you’re not comfortable in the dark, you can leave the soft blue lights on.

After floating, continue relaxing in the calming lounge with a cup of herbal tea.

Blissful Relaxation has a salon room for grooming, so you can get ready for your next appointment or go back to work.

Floating costs $70 per session. Discounted pricing is available with a membership.

Click here for more details or to make an appointment.

Blissful Relaxation is located at 1200 East Oak Street.

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