Explore a swamp without leaving the city

If you've ever wanted to safely meet an American alligator face-to-face then get yourself to BREC's Blue Bonnet Swamp Nature Center, a 100-acre nature center in South Baton Rouge.

Do you want to explore a Louisiana swamp without riding on a giant, floating fan? Want to see the cypress trees but can’t pull yourself away from the vibrant gameday atmosphere? Well Baton Rouge has you covered with the Blue Bonnet Swamp Nature Center.


This 100-acre facility in South Baton Rouge has multiple mile of walking trails in an honest-to-goodness swamp within the city. And it’s safe for the whole family because there aren’t any gators in these waters. That is, unless, you count the baby alligators housed inside visitor facility. And if you ask nicely, one of the nature center employees will happily show how an alligator catches its prey or why one of their boa constrictors is actually the friendliest animal in the whole building.


The best part of the swamp nature center? It’s always free to visit. As part of Baton Rouge’s Parks and Recreation department (known to locals as BREC) you are free to visit here or any of the 180 other parks in town any time you like. That includes skate parks, fishing ponds, an aquatics center, playgrounds, and seven golf courses.

Come here for a haunted hike in the fall or bring your binoculars for a springtime bird watching hike. Either way, just get there.

This content was created in partnership with the Blue Bonnet Swamp Nature Center.