Essential Fried Chicken Tips from Willie Mae’s

Learn tips from the fried chicken experts at Willie Mae's Scotch House.

A lot of love and precision goes into the famous fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House. The juicy, spicy-battered fried chicken at this New Orleans comfort food staple keeps crowds coming back. The local institution even gained nods from food writers as “America’s Best Fried Chicken” and a James Beard Award. Get ready to tease your taste buds. The experts at Willie Mae’s share their tips to master this classic Southern dish.

Tip 1: Required spices are salt and pepper. Keep it simple! You can also use a Cajun blend if you’ve got a flour base.

Tip 2: Deep fry it at 350 degrees until its crispy.

Tip 3: Don’t use a lot of salt.

Tip 4: Submerge it.

Tip 5: Don’t mess with it too much! You’ll knock all the batter off.

Basically, keep is simple and let the chicken do its thing. You’ve got this!