Enjoy dinner and a show at the Abita Springs Opry

If you are looking for something different to do with your family or friends on a Saturday night, you may want to check out the old town hall in Abita Springs, Louisiana.

The town of Abita Springs celebrates its famous water. And embraces the slower pace of a country lifestyle. But maybe you should know it for the Abita Springs Opry.

On a Saturday afternoon, a front porch jam session can a crowd. But that’s just the warm-up. The real show kicks off inside the hold Abita Springs Town Hall.

Folks have been enjoying the old-timey style of music for the last 20 years or so.

And you can’t knock the ambiance. The town hall building is over 100 years old!

They keep it in the family too, so to speak. The former mayor of the city produces the show.

But the best secret is behind the curtain. Once a month during the spring and fall, you can do dinner and music at the Opry. Showgoers can enjoy treats like gumbo and bread pudding when they come to listen to the bands.