Dragon’s Breath: What you need to know about the liquid nitrogen snack

Dragon's Breath is the newest food craze that causes "smoke" to come out of your mouth and nose!

You’ve likely seen videos recently on social media of kids and adults alike eating something on a stick that causes “smoke” to pour out of their mouth and nose like a dragon. It’s called…dragon’s breath!

“Dragon’s breath” is the newest food craze that’s sweeping the nation by storm. There are several variations of the snack but the South Florida Weekend crew stopped by Nitro Dragons at the Mall at Wellington Green to see what their product is all about.

It’s a dessert cereal snack that resembles a corn puff. It comes in several flavors like fruit blend, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. The puffs are placed in a bowl where liquid nitrogen is then poured over them to reduce their temperature to around -320° Fahrenheit. Then, the puffs are served in a cup with a stick and a paper sleeve to prevent burning of the hand. You can also add toppings like strawberry syrup to make the treat even tastier.

There are two VERY IMPORTANT rules that the staff at Nitro Dragons gave us:

  1. NEVER touch the cup with your bare hand. Always use a sleeve so that you don’t risk being burned by the below-freezing temperature of the cup.
  2. CHEW the cereal as soon as you get it in your mouth so that it doesn’t sit on your tongue and cause damage.

Once you start chewing the cereal, “smoke” will start to come out of your mouth and nose. The “smoke” is actually vapor that gives off the illusion that you are exhaling smoke from the cereal.

WARNING: Health officials have issued warnings recently regarding “dragon’s breath” snacks. Please use caution and ask your doctor before you attempt to try the cereal. There could be harmful side effects from this snack, if ingested with the nitrogen still in its liquid form.