Don’t break the bank on your Fourth of July party

I host a party at my house each Fourth of July.

My friends bring their families over, and we cook out and set off fireworks.

An important part of throwing a great party is creating a fun environment. This includes decorating and activities.

But, nobody wants to break the bank on a bunch of stuff that’s only going to get used once a year and will likely get thrown away after the party.

So, my secret to ballin’ on a budget when it comes to party hosting – the Dollar Tree!

The Dollar Tree has most of the things I need for decorating and serving, and each item is just $1. I’ve done some comparison shopping in the past, and similar items at other stores average $2-5.

The other thing I always stock up on for the party is toys for the kiddos. My daughters are teenagers, so we don’t have much for the younger kids to do at my house. All of my friends’ children are 10 and younger, and it’s important to make sure they don’t get bored.

The Dollar Tree is great because I can get a variety of fun stuff for them to play with for just a few bucks.  This year, I grabbed puzzles, playing cards, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balloons, sparklers and glow sticks.

My total for all the decorations, serving items and toys – $47.

Saving money on these things allows me to spend bigger on the things that matter most – good food and big fireworks!