Delicious ideas to top your hot dogs

There’s no wrong way to eat a hot dog. Well, depending on who you ask. Some like chili and cheese. Some go for slaw. And some just like ketchup and mustard. But whatever way you top it, hot dogs are delicious. We’ve gathered a few interesting ideas for you to try the next time you fire up the grill!

Take some inspiration from the experts

JJ’s Red Hots in North Carolina isn’t a restaurant. They’re a hot dog stand, their words. So you know the combinations they’ve come up with there are going to be mouthwatering. Like fries, queso and BBQ.

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Go where the fans are going

Ask the folks in Alabama who’s making the best hot dogs, and many of them will point you straight to Chicago Mike’s near Birmingham. They’ve got a huge selection, but the fan favorites are the Chicago Dog and the Vulcan!

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Make it a monster

Literally, that’s the name of it. It’s like a kitchen sink of hot dog toppings, but folks in South Georgia have been loving it since 2014.

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Go for the green

Happy Dog in Cleveland has some unique twists on classic toppings. Like Southern Greens and a coffee BBQ sauce? Here are a few more recipes you can try at home.

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Get into the South Florida style

We all know that folks in Florida do things a little…different. Like the folks at Duffy’s having a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Yup, we said it. Check out some of the other offerings.

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