How to clean shrimp in just a few easy steps

Before you eat it, you must clean it.

Some people want their shrimp as clean as possible before they cook them.  Here is an easy guide on how to clean shrimp brought to you by Ross, an employee at Fishnet Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina.

Cleaning your shrimp is generally recommended, but not everyone does it because it takes extra time, and well, we’re lazy. You probably won’t fall ill if you eat shrimp without cleaning them, but you’re compromising the taste and honestly, it looks pretty gross if you don’t.

Unless you’re a fan of dirt in your dinner, it’s totally worth the extra time.

  1. Pop the shrimp’s head from the body.
  2. Next, use a shrimp deveiner and stick it straight into the body and own the back. You want to keep on moving it down the body so that when you pull the deveiner out, you can get all of the shell and the intestinal tract from the food.
  3. Once you pull the deveiner, you can easily pull the bottom parts that you don’t need anymore.

And that’s really all it takes! This technique will save you tons of time once you master it. Three simple steps and you’re ready to make some good food (without dirt in it).

How to clean shrimp: Watch the video to see it done! Totally worth it.