The Civil War Comes to Life at Fort D

Step back in time at the only remaining fort from the Civil War in Cape Girardeau.

This Heartland Weekend you can experience anew the echoes of the Civil War.

Fort D in Cape Girardeau, Mo., is the only remaining fort from the Civil War in Cape Girardeau.

History comes alive with the stories of soldiers who protected the city from Confederate attack.

This old fort and three others were built in 1861 under the direction of Lt. John Wesley Powell.

In fact, Cape Girardeau was actually the second city along the Mississippi River to be armed.

The fear: a land invasion.

Cape Girardeau was attacked by Confederate forces on April 26, 1863, but they never made it to Fort D.

The Confederate forces were easily turned away and Cape Girardeau remained a Union outpost during the war.

Now, Civil War reenactors use this site to make sure these stories aren’t ever forgotten.

Heartland Weekend’s Nichole Cartmell introduces you to Jerry Kasten. His great-grandfather helped build the forts.

The old fort comes to life on several occasions throughout the year, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. That’s when reenactors help tell the stories of the Civil War with cannon fire, demonstrations, and live music.

You can also step back in time on a free self-guided tour any day of the week. The public historic site is always open, and ten display panels tell the history of the fort and those who served here.

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