Chicken bog is … what exactly?

This dish is a South Carolina tradition.

Have you heard of chicken bog? If you live in South Carolina you probably have. But for the rest of us, it might be an unfamiliar concept. In this video, our friends at S.C. Weekend learn how to make chicken bog, from folks who have been cooking it up for as long as they can remember.

Speaking of how to make chicken bog, is it called chicken bog or perlo?  It’s an age old question.  While there’s definitely a difference between the two, a lot depends on who you ask.  One thing’s for sure… if you ask anyone from this neck of the woods, from the Pee Dee to Georgetown County, South Carolina, they’ll tell you it’s chicken bog.  And boy, is it good!

This local delicacy comes from a simple list of ingredients: basically chicken, smoked sausage, rice, and some seasoning. But it certainly comes together in an absolutely delicious way.

We learned just how it’s done from the folks at the Snak Shak in Myrtle Beach, a true locals spot located along the Grand Strand.  Take note, and get ready to cook up a true southern dish, sure to satisfy and serve as the perfect comfort food.