Chick-fil-A has epic regional menu items and we’re totally jealous they’re not offered everywhere

Not all Chick-fil-A menus are equal.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Southerners love their Chick-fil-A. We could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week (except for Sunday, of course).

It’s pretty standard you can find the classic menu items like their chicken sandwich and waffle fries at all locations. Even the ones in airports, college campuses and sports venues.

But there are a few menu items that are special to certain regions.

And that’s got us turning green with envy.

Here are just eight menu item tests from Chick-fil-A’s menu (at least that we could find) and where to find them:

Chick-fil-A cheese sauce – Northwest and Midwest

(Source: Julie Smith Pinterest)

So this one is a biggie. It just started rolling out across the Northeast and Midwest (with some locations in the South) and it’s up to more than 430 locations. You can get it as a sauce option for an additional cost of $1.19 for a three-ounce serving. The good news? Apparently it’s up to individual restaurant operators if they want to carry it. So there’s hope yet if your favorite location doesn’t have it!

Guacamole – Southern California

As you may or may not know, California produces A LOT of avocados – like 90% of the nation’s crops. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that over two dozen Southern California locations were offering two-ounce packets of Wholly Guacamole. At least, they were last year. But who wouldn’t want to add some guac to a spicy chicken wrap?

Jalapeño peppers – Texas and New Mexico

Yeah, it sounds surprising right? But according to this piece from Chick-fil-A itself, you can spice up your order in Texas and New Mexico with jalapeños. We tried finding other evidence for this, but came up a little short. If you’ve gotten to spice up your Chick-fil-A experience, you gotta tell us about it.

Chicken gravy – Iowa, Arizona and Arkansas

Again, this sounds amazing. And we want to find it. After a few internet searches, all we could find on this mythical offering was a line in an article about the restaurant’s secret menu. So, like the internet sleuths we want to think we are, we found out that once a upon a time sausage gravy was a thing, but it’s sadly been discontinued. So chicken gravy doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

Mac and cheese – Texas, Maryland, Tennessee and Georgia

This may be cheesy (pun definitely intended) but we could totally see ourselves driving a fairly far distance to try some Chick-fil-A mac and cheese. And on a personal note, a group of friends and I stumbled upon this while it was testing in a restaurant outside of Nashville. And y’all, it’s totally good.

Spicy Chicken Strip Biscuit – Arizona

Remember the spicy chicken biscuit? Yeah, we miss it too. But there are a few spicy menu items that are being tested in Tucson, and we’re really hoping they hit it off.

Brownies – South Florida and Virginia

(Source: Chick-fil-A)

If you don’t think fruit counts as a dessert and you’re done with cookies and Icedream® cones, this is for you. Chocolate fudge brownies are being tested in parts of Virginia and South Florida.

Frosted Key Lime – Texas

(Source: Chick-fil-A)

This was made available in the fall of last year (at least from what we could tell from this article) and it sounds delicious. It said it was only offered for a limited time, but maybe someone somewhere is still spinning them up.

We’re for sure curious what some of these taste like. If you’ve ever tried one of these (or another regional menu item) let us know on our Facebook page!