The Chemist: Using science to make meals better

A restaurant/bar that provides new spins on old classics.

Myrtle Beach is home to one of the wackier restaurants a person can encounter in the form of The Chemist.  What makes this place special is a dedication to finding new methods to preparing and presenting food and drink … and using science to do it.

This bar/restaurant uses a cooking style called molecular gastronomy. Which is basically the ability to take food and manipulate it and changing the shape of it/ And using techniques that weren’t always thought of or looked upon as being “good” like people were scared to use them at first.

The science aesthetic even extends to the decor. The periodic table is on the floor. And you’ll find some nontraditional tools in the kitchen. Like immersion circulators, and an anti-griddle that goes to -34 degrees.

Want a mango-flavored egg or the dirtiest (and smokiest) martini in existence?  Visit The Chemist here to find out more about this cool establishment and its spin on craft cocktails and modern cuisine.