Cafe Du Monde is basically perfect

This iconic New Orleans cafe brings in the tourists AND the locals.

The French Quarter in New Orleans is home to one of the most iconic cafes in the entire world, Cafe Du Monde. The café has been serving café au lait and beignets in New Orleans since 1862.

The restaurant’s chicory coffee is probably enough of an attraction on its own. But it’s really the made-to-order beignets and awesome views of the city that bring in the crowds day in and day out. Sitting just on the corner of Jackson Square, the café really stands in the heart of the French Quarter.

“We’re now woven into the fabric of New Orleans,” says café President J.H. Roman IV. “When people think of New Orleans, fortunately for us, this is one of the places they think of.”

The chicory blend coffee is a tradition passed down from the original New Orleans settlers. It gives for a unique and wonderful taste. To accompany their coffee, the settlers would make their beignets, delicious pastries topped with powdered sugar that are delightful.

Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We close for 36 hours on Christmas,” says Roman, “and other than that, an occasional hurricane.”

For the rest of the year, they serve the wildly different crowds. From the early morning risers to the night owls coming in for a late-night snack.

Between the delicious food and drink at Cafe Du Monde and the sights to see around the square, check out this fabulous New Orleans institution … a place that tourists and locals both adore.