The largest brewery in Alabama is in a middle school?

From middle school gym to full-sized brewery.

Have you ever heard of a brewery in a middle school gym?

A former middle school/high school in Huntsville, Alabama, Campus 805, is a multiple-purpose facility. It plays host to multiple breweries, several restaurants and a few retail establishments. One of those breweries, Straight to Ale, is the largest brewery in the state. But they haven’t neglected their roots.

They started in 2009 and then moved to the Campus 805 location in 2016.

Campus 805 is an incredibly unique establishment for the city of Huntsville and the nation: they capitalized on the huge amount of space across an abandoned middle school.

They’ve incorporated several elements of the former middle school into their restaurant, bar and brewing area. Like leaving the scoreboard up in the gymnasium (now brewery) and using the gym floor as the wood for their tables and floors in their restaurant.

They used the bleachers to create shelves, the bar, and other features across the restaurant. While the brewery wants to bring some nostalgia through the old school gymnasium style, they have taken out a lot of the middle school elements. Because as Straight to Ale’s Leslie Bruton says, “It might be a little weird to feel like you’re drinking beer in a middle school.”

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