Boil your own blue crabs like a pro

From the pot to your plate.

Crabbing in Mississippi is allowed all year long with the Spring and Fall being the best times to catch them. Sean Desporte of Desporte & Sons Seafood Market & Deli shows us how easy it is to boil a pot of feisty live blue crabs.

What you’ll need:

6 dozen blue crabs

One 12 ounce bottle of Zatarain’s liquid crab boil

2 pounds of Zatarain’s powder crab boil

A half a pound of Chinese red pepper


On to the boil:

First things first. Crank the heat up and the get the water boiling in a really big pot. Once it starts boiling, add your seasoning. Stir the water really good to make sure the seasoning doesn’t stick on the bottom. Then add the crab. There really isn’t a time limit. Once the crabs are in the water, you wait until the water starts boiling again. Then once it’s boiling, it’ll start to foam. When it comes to a hard boil, you turn off the heat and let the crabs soak in the water for about five minutes to let the flavor soak in. Then you pull them out of the water and they’re ready to eat.

There you go! Time to grab a couple of friends and enjoy!