What is the best Thanksgiving side? Vote!

Is the “best Thanksgiving side” even a title anyone can ever definitively determine?

Well, yes. People have strong feelings about this particular topic (and even stronger feelings about the sides they DON’T like), so we thought, why should we try to make our case again when we could instead let you make yours?

Why indeed. In the poll below, you can not only vote for your favorite dish, but you’ll also find some links to recipes and some other fun facts and demos.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. And the winner is…

With 42% of the vote, Dressing/stuffing!

Full results

Dressing/stuffing 42%
Sweet potatoes 16%
Mac n cheese 12%
Mashed potatoes 9%
Deviled eggs 6%
Green bean casserole 5%
Gravy 4%
Gumbo 3%
Creamed corn/pudding 3%
Cranberry sauce 1%
Cornbread 0%
Rolls 0%

What is the best Thanksgiving side? Now that you’ve voted, check out this hot take we put out awhile back. We think it’s still a darn compelling argument.