Why does the best pizza come from a wood fire oven?

Okay, so most foodies acknowledge at this point that the best pizza comes from a wood fire oven.

But the question remains:  Why?

Stan Stinson of Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza explains some of the mechanics.

Earth and Stone’s wood fire ovens are made in California. With a nice wood fire inside the oven, the pizzas cook at around 900 degrees Fahrenheit in 1-2 minutes. Talk about swift service. At that speed, the restaurant can make over 100 pizzas in just an hour!

There’s a small window for success, though. Since the pizzas cook in two minutes or less, there’s about a 15-second gap between a pizza being perfectly cooked and it being burned to the crisp.

The restaurant uses white oak firewood since they are looking for as much heat as possible from the fire rather than going for a smokier flavor in the pizza. Using the white oak, their goal is to get the maximum amount of heat in the oven without cinders being popped onto the pizzas.

To get the authenticity of a real Italian or European pizza pie, you have to make sure to have a sort of leopard-looking bottom for the pizza (with black spots around the bottom) and plenty of blisters in the pizza crust.

Many people believe this style of pizza is the best you can get. What do you think?