Best Grilling Tips For Dad

There’s nothing quite like firing up the grill with your dad, especially on Father’s Day Weekend. Make the best of your time with dad on the grill this weekend with our collection of the best grilling tips around!

8 Tips For a Better Burger

Looking for the best burger tips around? We have you covered! Show dad your burger skills and together you can elevate your hamburger game.

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Top Hot Dog Tricks

What goes well with hamburgers? Hot dogs of course. These tips will have you and dad making the juiciest hot dogs on the block for Father’s Day weekend.

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Making The RiverDog

You’ve mastered the hot dog with our tips above, but what about the RiverDog? This ballpark inspired hot dog will take yours and dad’s grilling game to another level!

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Beer Brats

Hamburgers and hot dogs not your thing? No problem. There’s nothing that says boding with dad over the grill quite like beer brats.

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Watermelon Keg

Technically a keg isn’t grilling, but it’d be nice to have a drink with dad while you’re out in the sun all day. Try our famous Watermelon Keg – easy to do and even easier to drink!

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