How a potato chip gets from field bag

Come learn about the life of a potato turned potato chip! The Southern Weekend and Rachel Leigh explore the Golden Flake factory.

It only takes a few steps for a potato to go from growing in a field to turning into a delicious┬áchip. We stopped by Golden Flake to see how they’re slicing it up!

First off, the potatoes come in and get weighed on a truck. Then they’re rolled off the truck into a peeler.

After that, it’s a trip through the slicer.

Then the slices get a bath to get rid of some of the starch.

Next, it’s time for the frier. After they fry for a little while, they’re lightly salted.

Then a conveyor system takes the fresh chips to a bagging station.

Then, they’re off to a local grocery store so you can take them home and snack on them!