This is what a $6,000 white truffle looks like

La Masseria restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida just hit the jackpot with a $6,000 white truffle! The restaurant owner, Peppe Iuele, recently won an auction for a large white truffle that was found in the region of Alba in Italy. Iuele actually paid more than $6,000 for what might be one of the largest white truffles ever discovered. The rare delicacy weighs more than two pounds!

Iuele traveled to New York City to pick up the $6,000 white truffle and will bring it to Palm Beach County for use in the restaurant. We know where we’re eating this week!

Giuseppe “Peppe” Iuele with the 2-lb truffle! Photo: La Masseria
Photo: La Masseria

We love this photo (even though the price tag of the truffle makes us nervous!).

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