5 Reasons Drinking Tequila Is Good For You

Yes, it's good for you! Here's why.

Sometimes it seems like tequila and bad decisions go hand-in-hand. However, scientific studies and health experts beg to differ. They’re saying that this type of alcohol can actually be pretty helpful in maintaining good health! Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo or simply looking for an excuse to partake in some good drink, here are five reasons why drinking tequila is GOOD for you.

1. It’s Good For Your Bones

Got milk? Well, think about replacing it with tequila. Researchers from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico have found that consumption of blue agave can help the body better absorb calcium and magnesium, which are two vitamins that strengthen bones. So, in other words, more tequila now means less osteoporosis in the future!

2. It Reduces Blood Sugar And Prevents Diabetes

A 2014 study by the American Chemical Society revealed that tequila can reduce likelihood of diabetes. Scientists discovered that agavins found in 100% agave tequila are key in keeping blood sugar low. By regulating your blood sugar, you keep your risk of diabetes at bay!

3. It Boosts Your Metabolism

Those agavins that are instrumental in reducing blood sugar also play a role in reducing the size of your waistline. A Time analysis of the aforementioned American Chemical Society study reported that agavins produce a hormone that keeps your stomach full longer!

4. It's A Remedy That's Stood The Test Of Time

Feel a cough coming on? Abandon your DayQuil and, instead, head to the nearest liquor store.
Records show that tequila was used as a cure for the Spanish influenza in the early 1900’s. A few decades later, Mexican doctors began recommending a tequila cocktail (.5 oz tequila blanco, .5 oz agave nectar, .5 oz orange juice) to fight colds. Whether tequila has true healing powers or is a proponent of the placebo effect, we’re down to try it!

5. It's Great For Your Colon

A study led by the University of Guadalajara in Mexico claims that a key ingredient in tequila has some serious medicinal value. The leader of the study has called agave fructan, or blue agave, the “ideal natural carrier of drugs for the colon.”
What exactly does that mean? Well, if you’re suffering from an ailment that affects the colon (think IBS, Crohn’s disease, cancer, etc.), agave fructan is the most natural and effective way of delivering drugs to your colon system. The tequila derivative won’t be broken down by stomach acid, which ensures any medicinal remedies you’re taking will reach your colon more effectively!

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