31 Southern Dog Pictures To Melt Your Heart

The Southern Weekend is going to the dogs on #NationalDogDay! We’ve got 31 photos of our dogs to share with you, and we must admit, we think they are some of the cutest pups in all the South. Dogs on the beach, dogs on the lake, dogs taking a hike, dogs at play and more.

But we want to see photos of YOUR puppies! Share them on our Facebook page, tweet them to us, or post them to your Instagram page. Be sure to use the hashtag #SouthernDogs and we will repost them here. 

Video Still for This Southern Dog Loves Archery
Who doesn’t love a Southern dog paired with a Southern bourbon?!


Video Still for This Southern Dog Loves To Play Frisbee
Hello Ellie!


Beau on another freshwater fishing adventure in Harpersville
Beau is ready to jump in! Are you?


Video Still for This Southern Dog Loves to Splash
Marbles is the man


Video Still for Southern Dogs Hit The Beach
Miss Betty knows beaches can be chilly


Spencer and Peyton 4
Spencer and Peyton love going for walks


Lord Pupperton thinks this is a great way to say “Good morning!”


Molly & Ellie
Molly and Ellie


Let’s run!


Freckles closeup
Look at those eyes on Freckles!


Guilty Face Marbles
Uh oh, Marbles you aren’t fooling anyone with that face….


Sometimes you just need to get dressed up….


Rachel with Toby and Willie


Time for some outdoor fun


Good morning Maggie


Maggie Sleeping3
That face!!! 


Marbles watching Too Cute
Dogs can enjoy some t.v., too!


Meet Cash, a dog in black named after The Man in Black


Looking good Bella!


Beau canoeing Lake Cameron in Montgomery
Beau canoeing Lake Cameron in Montgomery


Beau before he was tuckered out from hiking Pisgah
We’re hearing this little one was all tuckered out from hitting the trails after this photo!


Bane ready for football
Bane is ready for Monday Night Football!


Spencer and Peyton 2
Ready to play on the beach


Beau traveling the Bourbon Trail
Beau traveling the Bourbon Trail


Bane snoozing
Bane needs a nap


Beau climbing mountains at Lake Lure
Let’s go mountain climbing


Bane overlooking the creek
We love the water


Emmie knows sometimes a girl needs a bow


Bane and Freckles
We’re best friends


Bane and a polar bear
Just sitting around with a buddy


 Cash has a flair for posing


Happy National Dog Day to all you dog lovers out there! Help The Southern Weekend celebrate this AWESOME day by sending us photos of your four-legged friend! You can post your pictures to our Facebook page, tweet them to us @SouthernWeekend, or tag us on Instagram @SouthernWeekend. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #SouthernDogs! Your photos may appear on our website and/or social media feeds.