16 different sauces to dip those fries in

Friday, July 13 is National French Fries Day! So naturally we headed to Burger Bach to try all 14 of their dipping sauces (well 16 if you count their free-range mayo & seasonal sauce).

16 different sauces? Hey, for a french fry fan, that sounds pretty darn amazing.  Burger Bach has three local restaurants in the Richmond, Va. area: Short Pump, Carytown and Midlothian.

The Carytown location has a slightly different menu but those french fries and sauces can be found at every location.

Here’s a closer look at those ‘Bach-made’ dipping sauces for your fries:

  1. Organic tomato ketchup
  2. Cilantro sauce
  3. Basil pesto aioli
  4. Original Sauc
  5. Tzatziki Sauce
  6. Roasted jalapeno remoulade
  7. Chipotle BBQ sauce
  8. Blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce
  9. Garlic aoili
  10. Roasted onion dip
  11. Fresh tarragon sauce
  12. Manuka honey mustard sauce
  13. Spicy dijon sauce
  14. Free-range egg mayonnaise
  15. Curry sauce
  16. Bach seasonal sauce

Fun fact: Americans eat more than 16 pounds of French fries every year, which comes to over 2 million tons!

That’s a lot of fries but 100% believable!

Did you know there are 8 different cuts of french fries?


  1. Standard cut
  2. Waffle fries (Chic-fil-a)
  3. Shoestring fries
  4. Steak fries
  5. Wedges
  6. Crinkle cut
  7. Curly fries
  8. Home fries

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